Bronze Fonz Nearly a Reality

November 27, 2007


Just $28,000 more in funds–or 2800 more t-shirts sold–and Milwaukee will finally have the linchpin in its tourism campaign: a bronze statue of The Fonze. “Ayeeee!”

The “Bronze the Fonz” publicity stunt is the brainchild of Dave Fantle, VP of PR for Visit Milwaukee, the city’s convention and visitors bureau.

On one hand, with the dollar weaker than a can of Shotz, the campaign could help the city lure a few intrepid foreigners. Happy Days is big in Japan, right? On the other, Milwaukee is way too far outside John Waters’ “curtain of irony” to sustain interest.

Regardless, Fantle is chalking up some nice publicity.

Apparently Henry Winkler–aka Barry Zuckerkorn–is flattered though finds the campaign bizarre. We hope he attends the photo opp!


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