Cyber Monday: Real Deal of Marketing Hype?

November 28, 2007

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We asked this question to a bunch of people over the last few days, and now that the numbers are in, it seems to be “the real deal.”  Reuters reports that U.S. online shoppers spent a record $733 million in a single day on “Cyber Monday,” according to market research firm comScore Inc.

However, the day didn’t go by without a few PR related snafus.


Most notable is that the National Retail Federation, the folks who invented Cyber Monday, inserted their own marketing manager into a story about Cyber Monday on Fox Business Network. Silicon Alley Insider obtained a statement from NRF spokesperson Scott Krugman, who insisted it wasn’t intentional.

Yahoo’s e-commerce service, Merchant Solutions, crashed due to high traffic, leaving thousands of online businessed in the dark for what could have been their biggest sales day of the year.  To their credit, Yahoo immediately issued a “mea culpa,” and even blogged about it, but this is probably not enough for online businesses who have lots of options for hosting and e-commerce services. Larry Dignan of ZDNet had some strong words, “Well, Rich [senior vice president of Yahoo’s online channel division] here’s another reminder: Get a clue. No small business is going to take this mea culpa as anything more than BS.

What else? 


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