MWW Staffer to Valleywag: Deal With the Wrath of My Lawyer

November 30, 2007

It seems about every other day, Valleywag posts about some incident with a PR person that makes us cringe.  Do they sometimes go too far?  Maybe.  But, we can’t take much sympathy for the PR people in these posts. After all, it is Valleywag. Know who you’re dealing with. 

In the lastest installment, Associate Editor Nicholas Carlson received an e-mail from an MWW staffer laden with typos and track changes! Not to mention it was a form letter pitch about a company it would seem doubtful Valleywag would cover.  This led MWW Group director of new media strategies, Tom Biro, to send out a thoughtful email reminder about how to deal with bloggers. 

The problem is, the MWW staffer who had originally been flamed by Valleywag didn’t catch this and instead sent an email to the editor from her personal account threatening legal action.  Read on for the whole story.


One Response to “MWW Staffer to Valleywag: Deal With the Wrath of My Lawyer”

  1. “Train wreck, party of one, your pink slip is ready” You can’t sue bloggers for posting what you send them.

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