Dell and WPP To Launch $4.5B Agency

December 3, 2007

 If you build it, they will come.  At least that is what Dell and WPP Group are betting on.  After an intense review, the computer maker chose WPP Group to handle all of their marketing communications, in effect creating a 1,000 employee, $4.5 billion agency, code named “Da Vinci.” 

According to PR Week, “Publicis, Havas, Omnicom, and Interpublic Group all vied for the account, with Interpublic joining WPP as finalist.”

John Batelle: I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Casey Jones, Dell’s VP Marketing, as he’s gone through this process, and I’m certain that this new agency will create all sorts of fascinating new models.

Micropersuasion: It’s very easy to move an entire account from one agency to another across town and then again until you find the next big idea to replace the last one. So Dell will have to make sure this newco stays fresh and continues to pump out creative ideas.

The market seems to like the news, with shares of WPP Group already up in London trading.


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