Facebook’s PR Flubs

December 3, 2007

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Did Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg lie to the NYTimes Louise Storey about the company’s controversial “Beacon” advertising system? That’s what Storey claims in a post on the Times‘ “Bit’s” blog.  “I’m hardly the only one who found a gap between what Facebook said and what it did. And this may be costing it some of the blue-chip support that it had amassed. Coca-Cola, for example, has decided not to use Beacon for now,” she writes. 

Blogger Robert Scoble calls Facebook PR, “the most controlling PR department outside of Apple.”

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg lost a court request to take down confidential documents that 02138 magazine used in a hard hitting story against him and the company. We believe the WSJ’s Kara Swisher when she writes Facebook PR head Brandee Barker, “has to have the most thankless job on the Web these days.”

What do you think? How would you have handled the Beacon and 02138 news differently if you were at Facebook PR?


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