Horn Group’s Social Media Webinar

December 4, 2007


I’m currently logged in to tech shop Horn Group’s overview webinar on social media. Above is a screenshot of how they see the social media universe: moving from creating content, to “promoting” it, to measurement. The moderator is citing some good stats from Forrester. Currently RSS is being more widely adopted across most demographics. And, only 29 of the Fortune 500 are blogging. If you have content, put it in a feed: “get it out there, allow people to discuss it. Socialize it, promote it.”

“Don’t just think of the wire as your only method of distribution.”

Social media newsroom: a list of press releases, a list of clips, links to your blog as well as blogs you follow. There are tech tools that allow this to happen. Make this a goal for Q1.

Should I blog? As the following questions: Time to commit? (a few hours per week). Are you willing to be openly criticized? Do you have an outward passion to share? (have the personality to participate, comment, and take the time to go offline and meet people) What’s the goal of your blog? (be honest about your motives)

What NOT to do: Don’t do it just to be “hot.” Don’t lie. Don’t just do it to try to go viral. Don’t do it without the knowledge of what it takes.

Now over to Justin, blogger from Intraware (a Horn Group client). “We’re small but public. Our investors are always looking for information.” Intraware launched a social network for athletes, Zathlete to expand beyond its core competency.

We’ll provide insights from this webinar as they become available afterwards.


4 Responses to “Horn Group’s Social Media Webinar”

  1. […] Just finished the Social Media Bootcamp and was SO excited to see the interactivity taking place within the WebEx chat, on Twitter and even some live blogging. […]

  2. joel Says:

    Shameless plug here. We’re doing quite a bit with social media newsrooms. Check out:


  3. Jason, thanks for attending and putting up info!

    Joel, those are terrific examples. Thanks for sharing.


  4. […] It actually makes a lot of sense because many of you have become a true network of colleagues. People I trust and go to when I need answers and information. In my webinar I highlighted the help that I got from folks like Bryan Person, Doug Haslam, Rich Palmer and others. During the session I was watching great Tweets from folks like Jennifer Leggio, John Czwartacki, Liz Laneri, Lauren Beyer and N’Cho. We even had a great blogger doing some live recaps. […]

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