2008 Predictions, Already?

December 5, 2007

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It’s that time of year again. Along with all of the holiday parties (we’re still recovering from one last night, more on that later) both media and pr people attempt to look into their crystal balls and predict “what’s next.”

The PR Meets Marketing blog recently posted their 2008 trends list, including some from Tom Pick of Web Market Central. We were reading along, mostly agreeing, until we ran into this: “PR professionals will reach out to bloggers in different ways, beyond just pitching press releases.” Our take: if it’s taken you until 2008 to realize you should be reaching out to bloggers in “different ways” you’ve got your work cut out for you.

On another note, Blip.tv spoke with BusinessWeek’s Jon Fine about his predictions for 2008. While taking funny jab at himself for being wrong on a few past predictions (cough, Katie Couric, cough) Fine does provide some interesting food for thought, including his prediction that Google will start buying content companies. You can view the video here.

What are your predictions? We’ll keep this list going as we roll into 2008, so send us links to your own posts, or email us: prnewser at mediabistro.com.


One Response to “2008 Predictions, Already?”

  1. Csalomonlee Says:

    Hi Joe, thanks for including my thoughts on 2008 trends. Regarding Tom’s point – I think Tom is referencing that most PR folks were just “pitching” bloggers. A few good ones knew to “engage” bloggers. As more PR folks get through the growing pains, 2008 will be the time to engage and develop bloggers on a different level than 2007.

    I would even argue that on some level, PR agencies/folks have to actively participate with their own blog or facebook like page. Do you agree?


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