Is everyone hopping on the Twitter bandwagon these days? Wait, is there a Twitter bandwagon? Our senses tell us yes, from the multitude of people encouraging us to join each day. Well then, now that all the cool kids are doing it, it’s sure to be infiltrated by the “squares.” From Valleywag:

There’s nothing more hilarious than watching a broadcaster try to embrace one-to-one marketing. On the airwaves, NBC’s “Today Show” gets more than 4 million viewers a day on average. But on Twitter? A scant 307 people have subscribed to its microblogging updates. More people, by far, watch the show in person through its New York street-front glass walls.

Ok, so won’t be all negative on our friends at America’s most watched morning show, they have some interesting projects coming up, including Earthcast, “The first broadcast from the top, bottom, and middle of the earth.”