Top shelf booze and tuna tartar flowed freely last night at the annual movable media feast that is the Ken Sunshine holiday party, or, the Ken Sunshine & Shawn Sachs party as this is the first year Ken is hosting with a partner.

With a last-minute change (jokingly pawned off as a smokescreen to keep Rudy Giuliani from crashing) the party landed at Meatpacking hotspot One Little West 12th.

I spoke to the gregarious Sachs about the ‘plan’ for a party that put Ben Affleck, Pat O’Brien, John Mayer, media elite including Page6’s Paula Froelich & Bill Hoffman, the News’ George Rush, and GMA’s Monica Escobedo in the same mix as clients 1199SEIU, America’s Second Harvest, New York Organ Donor Network, Do Something and the Transit Workers Union.

(Hoffman, incidentally was overheard talking about the great items publicists could be pitching from books and such but don’t, and that “a lot of flacks should be sent to flack school.”)

According to Sachs, “It’s simple really, we let the staff invite whoever they want from the different parts of the business. Some agency holiday parties are staff only, we open it up to everyone, including other PR people we know. Other agencies have staff-only parties. Who needs to spend more time with people from the office?”

The other benefit beyond plying the media with posh nightclub surroundings is putting like-minded clients together, Sachs continued. “The Second Harvest people talked to Do Something about the current food shortage. They’re meeting today to see how they can raise awareness together.”

Others confirmed on the scene were Access Hollywood producer Jennifer Zweben, Pete Shapiro, former owner of the Wetlands, and new owner of Brooklyn Bowl, GMA’s publicist Bridgette Maney, and of course our boss, mediabistro.com founder Laurel Touby.


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Jossip reports:

Flying is hard, even for the inexplicably famous. Last week Kim Kardashian claimed she was robbed of $50,000 worth of valuables, including a laptop that likely had the long awaited sequel to her sex tape(s) on it, at JFK. But the theft hasn’t been reported to the police, and officials think it was an act to get attention. Either that, or Kardashian doesn’t care about losing 50K. Stars: They’re not at all like us!

The question is, if it was just for publicity, what exactly was she hoping to get out of it?  Enlighten us, dear readers!

Senator Bon Jovi?

November 15, 2007


Can a publicist place a story and then deny the contents? Sure they can. Page6 did a “that’s why” today concerning rumors of a run for office by Jon Bon Jovi in his native New Jersey. The rocker’s new uberflack, the politically connected Ken Sunshine denied the rumor, stating “his day job is going too well.” Bon Jovi made political news years ago by raising tons of money for Al Gore.

There’s still time for him to fill Frank Lautenberg’s Senate seat in ’08. As fans of wild and woolly Jersey politics might remember, the retired senior became the junior Senator in 02′ when Bob “Torchy” Torricelli was nailed for corruption.

Other politically connected and vocal Jersey celebrities available for office include James Gandolfini, Stephen Colbert, Kevin Smith, Lauren Hill, and of course The Boss Bruce Springsteen.

Prefer professional athletes on your ballot? Bergen County if full of them.


Check out Leslie “Answer Bitch” Gornstein’s response to a reader looking to understand celebrity damage control. Don’t be tempted to cut-and-paste her list in a proposal but look what she says about media targets, particularly the AP and Larry King. Quick work with the AP takes care of speedy response, while a good long, plodding King interview (“so what’s it like to be a Hilton?”) takes care of context and drives the rest of the cycle.

Not a buyer of The King? Read “Slick” by Daniel Price. Price’s novel about a low-key flack hired to handle damage control for an A-list rapper explains King’s influence. Like some real celeb reps, the main character is extraordinarily clever and keeps his name out of the press.

Also check out the Bitch’s effusive answers to questions from our colleague over at fishbowlLA earlier this year.


Brian Lewis, Irena Briganti and the FBN media relations department ran the FBN launch party well last night, beginning with a very long red carpet, with seemingly all the photo agencies present. PRNewser arrived just as The Regis took his turn through the gauntlet.

For those not indoctrinated in to this ritual, it works like this: PR hustles to get solid RVSP from people like Rege, some Trumps, a Weinstein or two. Then you contact the agencies with the details (some still prefer alerts by fax). Then wham bam, good coverage the AP, Observer, Intelligencer etc.

If the reporters aren’t interested–which was not the case last night–the photos can still get picked up in those round-up party pages. You’ll see more photos on old school places like Gotham later on. The valuable shots will get sold to someone.

The purple & yellow “step & repeat” backdrop ensures your logo is at least visually connected to your hard work.

Confirmed photographers included:

  • Dave Allocca, New York Post
  • Bryan Bedder, Getty Images
  • Jimi Celeste, Patrick McMullan (photo right; pink shirt, sharkskin suit, shades)
  • Louis Lanzano, AP
  • Theo Wargo, Wire images
  • And photographers from Twin Images, NY Living, DMBJ Photos, Polaris, TimesSquare.com, Glob, Retna, Ipol Images


The dog fight between Ellen DeGeneres and the Mutt & Moms pet adoption agency got rough today, with DeGeneres’s publicist and the shelter duking it out in Page6. Ellen’s publicist Kelly Bush was likely caught off guard by the agency’s sharp teeth in the matter.

However, the love and loyalty Ellen has cultivated through great publicity may have tipped the other way. Currently Mutts & Moms is receiving countless threats, hate mail, and web traffic from rabid fans. Their website is currently down, with a statement on PetFinder (reprinted in full after the jump in case it’s removed). PetFinder explains why the policy is needed.

This doesn’t cause much of an image problem for Ellen if she gets back on the air ASAP, though we can’t imagine why Bush would spend time and risk her nose pitbullying a pet agency.

Our colleagues over at FishbowlLA have more on how the media is handling the pet adoption rates.

PetFinder.com statement on Mutts & Moms:

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