Taking cues on name-dropping from page 12 of the Gawker Guide, I asked Choire Sicha as part of our ongoing Gawker on PR series if he felt–collectively–that Gawker is the J.J. Hunsecker of this century. Rather than run with the baited comparison to Hunsecker–the Walter Winchell character in The Sweet Smell of Success played by Burt Lancaster–he chose to talk about the history of the film, and what lingers from the era of the blacklist. Skip football and rent it this weekend. The flack to Lancaster’s Hunsecker is Tony Curtis’s Sidney Falco, the scrappiest, most bare-knuckle PR person ever portrayed on film. We won’t spoil it for you, but it doesn’t end like Michael Clayton.

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Today’s lesson in our ongoing series with Choire Sicha on Conquering All Media has a bit less to do with tweaking the blogodome. While many enjoy my boss’s seating chart blog series on VIP media watching at Michael’s, we explore why Sicha prefers bratwurst on 9th Aveune for offline deals.

His answer peels back the layers further, revealing the depth of his love for our profession. Stay tuned for reactions from PR luminaries on the McCarty game (now available in the home edition):

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As part of our ongoing interview series about Conquering All Media, Gawker’s Choire Sicha has a special offer for PRNewser readers:

“I’ll gladly send any PR person who emails me a comment invitation for Gawker and personally train them how to troll.”

Before you hit Send, consider the potential for addiction and why you need to see your nuggets of wit on a Denton blog. How are you going to hide those two hours of billable time per day?

All of Sicha’s answers have provided underlying wisdom beneath layers of snark and blog commenting is no different. Try it and see if you like it. It’s a skill that comes in handy–we’re interested in PR people doing it well, and those who are not.

PRNewser: Tell us how to comment troll

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Now that New York has declared the Age of Insolence, and the Science Times reported that gossip is the key to our dominance as a species, we can get to the meat of our interview with Gawker‘s Managing Editor Choire Sicha. Today Sicha prods us to dish some dirt.

Tomorrow we’ll get in to quid-pro-quo and why Dan Klores would relish the blog game if he weren’t busy making great movies:

PRNewser: How might these rules for conquering all media apply to PR people?

Choire Sicha: PR people naturally understand the art and value of the stratagem. One of the reasons I love and treasure talking to PR folk is that I can’t tell what’s artifice and what’s real, what’s in service to an ulterior purpose and what’s bald-faced. It’s captivating, I tell you!

I deal with dozens on a weekly basis, and most of the time I walk away from the experience unsure whether I’ve done their bidding or not. How marvelous!

But, that being said, I suspect that PR folk are collectively at a time of confusion and maybe crisis. Some, for instance, don’t feel like it’s appropriate to send anonymous emails damaging their clients’ enemies. The rest realize, as we teach in the book, that ethics should never interfere in business. Don’t we all understand yet that success is only for the truly mercenary? It’s time people just gave up and embraced that. No more pussyfooting around!