Now that New York has declared the Age of Insolence, and the Science Times reported that gossip is the key to our dominance as a species, we can get to the meat of our interview with Gawker‘s Managing Editor Choire Sicha. Today Sicha prods us to dish some dirt.

Tomorrow we’ll get in to quid-pro-quo and why Dan Klores would relish the blog game if he weren’t busy making great movies:

PRNewser: How might these rules for conquering all media apply to PR people?

Choire Sicha: PR people naturally understand the art and value of the stratagem. One of the reasons I love and treasure talking to PR folk is that I can’t tell what’s artifice and what’s real, what’s in service to an ulterior purpose and what’s bald-faced. It’s captivating, I tell you!

I deal with dozens on a weekly basis, and most of the time I walk away from the experience unsure whether I’ve done their bidding or not. How marvelous!

But, that being said, I suspect that PR folk are collectively at a time of confusion and maybe crisis. Some, for instance, don’t feel like it’s appropriate to send anonymous emails damaging their clients’ enemies. The rest realize, as we teach in the book, that ethics should never interfere in business. Don’t we all understand yet that success is only for the truly mercenary? It’s time people just gave up and embraced that. No more pussyfooting around!



PR Week reported today that DKC will continue their work with Ken Burns and his insta-classic PBS series “The War” by working on regional events, with PBS affiliates, and by driving veterans and their families to upload oral histories to the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project using the PBS StoryShare web tool.

This is a huge PR buy for PBS, with Klores Managing Director Joe DePlasco leading the account with a staff of four (an SVP, VP, AS, and one other). It seems like relatively easy sledding for DePlasco, whose name is strewn all over articles about the plan for a Nets stadium in Brooklyn (DKC represents Forrest City Ratner developers). The only controversy over the Burns film was the drumbeat to include Latino and Native American subjects in the final cut, which added to the quality.

According to DePlasco’s note to PRNewser:

“We have a great team in place on this. Working with me are Dave Donovan, Cassin Donn, Brian Moriarty and Jared Seeger. We’ve had the benefit of two years for this campaign. We started screenings quietly over a year ago and since January or so we’ve done events–screenings, discussions, outreach–in over 50 markets. Dave, Cassin, Brian and Jared had the good fortune of traveling the country with events pretty much everywhere.

Oh, the publicity…In the last two weeks Ken was on Today, the Early Show, Letterman, Jon Stewart (last night), Bill Mahr (tonight), ABC This Week, etc. The press has been great.”

The work is a natural fit for DKC, whose namesake is a solid filmmaker in his own right.