A few weeks back, a reader emailed in to say we should do more profiles of pr and media people. This is actually something we’ve been meaning to do, and now we present you with the first in what will be a weekly occurance – the PRNewser Interview. Do you know someone we should interview? Do you want to be interviewed? Email us at prnewser at mediabistro.com.

Our first is with Brian Solis, Principal at tech pr agency FutureWorks, widely read blogger at PR2.0, and regular contributor to industry sites such as WebProNews.


What time did you get up this morning?
I got up at 4:30 this morning, but the normal routine is about 5:30.

How many emails do you receive a day, roughly?
Over 300…

Who are your favorite active journalists?
I enjoy reading Kara Swisher, John Markoff, Ed Baig, Rob Hoff, Eric Savitz, and Jessica Guynn (Truthfully it’s a long list. I read the work
of many writers across multiple industries.)

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Sometimes, we wonder how Brian Solis ever has a free minute – scratch that, second. Principal of Silicon Valley agency Future Works and prominent blogger, he often churns out lengthy, thought provoking posts.  His latest, Bloggers vs. PR – The Aftermath, is no different. 

Brian dissects the latest “State of PR” roundtable he particpated in, delivering commentary – sans the sugar coating – such as:

The challenge for PR in Social Media isn’t any different than the challenge that already exists for them in traditional PR. For far too long PR has taken comfort in blasting information to the masses in the hopes that something would stick. Until recently, the industry really hasn’t seriously considered requiring people to learn about what it is they represent, why it matters and to whom, how it’s different than anything else out there, where customers go for information, and how it benefits the customers they’re ultimately trying to reach.

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