The female half of AllThingsD, Kara Swisher of the Wall Street Journal was recently honored PRSA’s Silicon Valley Chapter.  While she was there, she shot a video featuring Brandee Barker, head of Facebook PR, who Kara reports, had a “harrowing day handling Lesley Stahl of “60 Minutes,” which is doing a piece on the social-networking site with an apparent focus on–also, of course–privacy); the impact of the possibly looming recession on tech; Apple’s iPhone (of course, of course); Google (triple of course); the resurgence of the enterprise space; and the fate of Yahoo.”

Brandee basically gave a gracious “no comment,” and we can’t say we blame her.   Kara goes on to say to Robert Scoble, “being honored by public relations officials is kinda like code word to annoy us all night with pitches, right?”  You are soooo on to us, Kara!



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One week after her keynote at the International PRSA conference, Bush’s image-shaper Karen Hughes stepped down from her high profile post at the State Department to spend time with her family in Texas. According to a recent Pew study, the U.S.’s image in critical countries has dropped since she took the position.

CNN’s cranky Jack Cafferty called her one of the “brighter bulbs” in the administration and when on to speculate about a connection to the “some sort of immunity” given to 17 Blackwater guards suspected in the murders of 17 Iraqi civilians. If there’s more to this than Hughes having trouble “selling lemons,” the D-Ring blog is on to something and a comparable person at Defense is next.


While most of the country enjoyed the beautiful fall (or is it summer?) weather, the PR world gathered in Philadelphia for PRSA’s International Conference. Much to our regret, PRNewser couldn’t make it down for last night’s blogger dinner, however we are providing you with a recap of weekend events and our conversations with attendees Peter Himler and Jack O’Dwyer. Today is a big day, with both Tim Russert and Karen Hughes giving keynotes. Are you there? Send us your thoughts/news/pics etc. in the comments or prnewser at Read the rest of this entry »

PRSA recently caught up with former PR man and now chief executive of Philadelphia Media Holdings, Brian Tierney, who put together PMH with local investors to buy the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News. Some interesting nuggets (to us, at least):

Know the market

I would not have done this in another part of the country. I did this because I knew these papers very well, having been the [city’s] largest advertising agency. And I knew that the core of the problem here – and I don’t want to say that I’ve got some answer for the entire industry, because I don’t, and I would never want to run one of these huge companies that is in 38 markets. That’s a big challenge. But here I saw the gem . . . you know, this is the fourth-largest market in America. It’s a healthy market.

Murdoch and other influential owners meddling in editorial decisions

If he starts manipulating the news he’s going to devalue the [paper]. We faced that a little bit, people saying, “Oh, well you guys manipulate the news.” And I said, “We have several billionaires in my group. I’ve had a certain amount of financial success as well. We’d be pretty stupid to take the asset that we have, which is the editorial integrity, and screw around with that.”

The $2.50 paper

I think that the printed product will be around 10 years from now. It may be that instead of being 50 cents a day, it’ll be $2.50 a day because I think the price of the product is very low.

Ok, so we don’t know about that last one. But it makes us wonder, if people are willing to shell out a few bucks for their favorite mag, will they do it for a newspaper as well? The NY Times raised its Sunday price to $4 and no one blinked. Hmmmm.

Tierney is a keynote speaker at PRSA’s International Conference, which takes place in Philly from Oct. 20-23. Will you be there? If so, remember to keep the tips flowing our way.