We solicited a few opinions from PR execs on the value of Michael’s in response to our Gawker series post this morning. Richard Laermer CEO of RLM PR, author of Full Frontal PR, Punk Marketing, and Bad Pitch blogger finds it ‘super important’ for schmoozing with his agent, though the ‘dead tree’ types left a bad taste, despite the bisque:

I actually used to spend a lot of time gazing into the eyes of the anchors who dine there while I did my publishing deals and met my hilarious agent. Nowadays I go to so few places for lunch because, well, I’m freakin busy!

Years ago the content head for AOL asked me to go to Michael’s with her to observe the ridiculousness of the hushed conversations. We had a grand time (old pals) just dissing the mood. Meanwhile, I realized that this was really in many ways like some old tradition where the media elite broke bread (well really not, anti-carb and all, ha!) and spoke about where they hoped their careers were taking them. But…

It was only two years ago and still I caught the irony of a lot of dead-tree types talking about books and broadcast TV and magazines that were about to be redesigned for the millionth time (and uh a few high level newspaper people who were about to head off a cliff with readership drops)… And I thought to myself: “Why aren’t you all tearing off your ties and doing some hard work?

Why is the publisher of Teen People guffawing loudly when it was obvious [to me] that the teens she used to have a hold on are now on networking sites that give them more gossip on (then star) Hartnett than anything they could bother covering with a long lead time?”

Then they brought the lobster bisque and forgot what I was going on about in my head.