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The 5WPR CEO, when not being featured in BusinessWeek, sometimes has a craving for those Mickey D’s french fries.  From his blog:

Tuesday night had a burning desire for McDonald’s French fries. Walked into my local Upper West Side McDonald’s and ordered and paid….. and waited and waited and waited. After looking at my watch I realized 14 minutes had passed and complained. The employee behind the counter told me if I didn’t like it I could leave (Huh?). So I said OK, give me my money back and I don’t want to wait anymore. He said no refunds so keep waiting. After exactly 21 minutes I was handed my French fries (not exactly fast food)…. And complained to the manager who pretended not to hear me (and the 10 around me who were also complaining).

First of all, that is one crappy McDonald’s.  Who makes people wait 21 minutes for french fries? Scratch that, who actually waits around 21 minutes for french fries! 

At PRNewser, we like to avoid fast foods.  How do you think we keep up our model-like physique?  But when we do have those primal cravings, we’d be rather pissed if it took 21 minutes for us to indulge!



Taking cues on name-dropping from page 12 of the Gawker Guide, I asked Choire Sicha as part of our ongoing Gawker on PR series if he felt–collectively–that Gawker is the J.J. Hunsecker of this century. Rather than run with the baited comparison to Hunsecker–the Walter Winchell character in The Sweet Smell of Success played by Burt Lancaster–he chose to talk about the history of the film, and what lingers from the era of the blacklist. Skip football and rent it this weekend. The flack to Lancaster’s Hunsecker is Tony Curtis’s Sidney Falco, the scrappiest, most bare-knuckle PR person ever portrayed on film. We won’t spoil it for you, but it doesn’t end like Michael Clayton.

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