‘Wacky zany’ PR planned for Wham-O’s 60th birthday

October 2, 2007


Proving there is still some fun to be had in toy PR beyond damage control, the Wham-O company will use Pollock PR for their 60th anniversary next year. It remains to be seen if Pollock get the same pop out of this hook, so soon after the 50th anniversary of the Frisbee this year.

PRNewser loves the tie-in with the American entrepreneurial spirit of Wham-O (a Chinese company as of 2006) with its Kid Inventor Contest, though wonders if the Frisbee, Hackey Sack, and Silly String weren’t really meant for the older “kids” on campuses everywhere. A quick Facebook search shows over 500 Frisbee groups, and more surprisingly, 99 Hackey Sack groups. Wow. I hope they consider a partnership with NORML.

Photo: First annual Frisbee Festival at the National Air & Space Museum, 1977


One Response to “‘Wacky zany’ PR planned for Wham-O’s 60th birthday”

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