Johnson & Johnson VP: Integrated Marketing Needs to be Improved

October 29, 2007 managing editor Rebecca Fox is down in sunny Florida covering the American Magzine Conference. She reports from the panel, “Will Marketing Ever Be Integrated? An Agency/Client Perspective,” which was moderated by Ad Age editor-in-chief Jonah Bloom, and included Deirdre Bigley, VP of worldwide advertising and interactive at IBM; Brian Perkins, corporate VP of corporate affairs at Johnson & Johnson; and Scott Neslund, CEO, Mindshare America.

What did Brian Perkins, VP of Corporate Affairs at Johnson & Johnson, say about the state of integrated marketing and whether ad and pr agencies can get along?

From FishbowlNY

As Perkins put it, “we have to deal with segregation a lot, whether it’s with media agencies, PR agencies or publishers.” But, when it came to whether mags effectively offered integrated solutions for ad and PR firms to play with, Perkins noted mixed results. “There are pockets of excellence and there are pockets of areas [within the magazine publishing world] that really, really need to be improved.”

Who’s doing this well? According to Perkins, “When Meredith comes in, they have ideas — they’re not wasting our time.” In addition, People was mentioned as a particularly successful title in achieving a presence across multiple media platforms.


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