Wired EIC Chris Anderson: Sorry PR people: you’re blocked

October 30, 2007

And we thought CNET’s CEO dropped a bomb. That statement is nothing compared to the firestorm Wired Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson just unleashed. 

Sick of getting pummeled by spam, Anderson published a LONG list of PR people who will be permanently banned from his inbox.  The list includes both agency and internal folk.  Are you on it?  Check it out here. (Thanks for the tip, Kyle.)


3 Responses to “Wired EIC Chris Anderson: Sorry PR people: you’re blocked”

  1. Lise Ravary Says:

    Good for him ! I think I’ll do the same !

  2. […] WIRED magazine, Long Tail blogger, and best-selling “Long Tail” author created a minor stir in the PR world yesterday when he published the email addresses of over 300 “lazy” PR […]

  3. James Brinton Says:

    About damned time. In this business it’s possible to spend so much time fending off the flaks that it becomes nearly impossible to do real journalism. Of course, there are those operations that find it cheaper to simply reprint the flakery — you know who you are…

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